The baby inherited his mother’s birthmarks: the little girl has grown up and she has an incredible beauty

Briana Worthy, a young woman, lives in Ridgeland, USA. His daughter Milliana was born three years ago. She inherited the genetic traits from her mother.

Like her, Milliana has a white lock and also birthmarks on her legs.

This feature occurs through poliosis. It is a lack of pigment that is found in the hair and on the skin.

The girl is the fourth generation to possess these genetic birthmarks.

Briana says her grandmother and her mother also have this white lock.

But in their family, it was only she who had inherited this white strand.

And no one knows where this birthmark came from, because her great-grandmother was an adopted child and her biological parents were unknown.

“At school, my class friends often annoyed me because of the white strand in my hair.

But gradually I became indifferent and didn’t pay attention to their teasing anymore,” Briana told Life.

When Briana first saw the birthmark on the newborn’s head, she was very moved and cried with joy.

Briana says that nowadays people have changed and she hopes Milliana’s class friends won’t tease her because of her spots.

Now Milliana is three years old and she is an admirable and very charming girl, loved and adored by everyone. And her birthmarks make her more unique.

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