“Surprise the world every day!” : an Australian influencer deprived of all his members showed his big children.

Nick Vujcic’s name is widely known outside of Australia! He proved for himself that happiness can be found in any situation.

His conferences have gone around the world and, in 2017, he was even voted “best motivator in the world”! The demands and workload were enormous, but he never forgot his family.

Nick told us that in addition to being disabled, he had found his “life’s work” and his “girlfriend”, and was able to get married, find happiness and raise his children. Looking at this jovial man, we are sure that he will pull through.

He was born without limbs, but he is well educated and has made great progress in public speaking. The Australian authorities are proud that Nick is a citizen of their country!

Despite his limp, he spends his time playing and chatting with his children. He now has four successors and may have more.

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