Meryl Streep shared her ‘honest’ thoughts with her followers

The Streep actress announced that she was no longer going to deal with it

I’m not going to blindly put up with a lot of things and it’s not because I’m arrogant, but I’ve just gained enough life experience. I won’t put up with those things that don’t make me happy, instead of upset or devastated. I will not bear cynicism, criticism, demands or demands of any kind. I no longer want to love those who don’t love me, to smile at those who don’t smile at me and to try to please those who don’t love me.

I will not spend a single minute with those who manipulate or abuse me. I can’t stand the lies, comparisons and scandals. I strongly criticize betrayal and infidelity in friendship.

I will not communicate with those who are rude, selfish, who lie to my face and do not like animals. They don’t deserve my patience. »

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