Madonna, 64, showed off her boyfriend who is 41 years younger than the superstar

Here at what does Madonna’s boyfriend look like

She remains one of Hollywood’s most extravagant and world-famous performers. It became known that after her divorce from A. Williams, the star began to jump from one relationship to another. And recently, the celebrity was caught on a date with Andrew Darnell who is 41 years younger than the celebrity.

The star shared joint photos from the REMA concert in New York and it was nothing short of amazing to her followers that the 64-year-old started dating such a young man. The couple first met while filming Paper magazine and they have already officially announced their relationship. The couple were caught together several times and didn’t even try to hide their relationship.

Andrew is known to be a model and he plans to pursue a career in the film industry.

The relationship between Madonna and her ex became known in 2019. They were first captured in Miami and the couple had already been together for several months. Ahlamalik was one of the performer’s dancers.

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