Her boyfriend left her because of being overweight: she changed and became a charming girl

Zinnifli, a young girl, the heroine of our story, told her story herself on her Facebook page.

The girl was still a little plump, but that didn’t bother her.

She fell in love with a young man and at first we liked each other.

But there were difficult times in Zinnifli’s life, and she fell into a depressive state.

The girl did not want to do anything and ate a lot. She spent her days playing computer games.

And due to stress, the girl began to gain weight. Eventually, she gained 36 pounds.

At first, her boyfriend would hint at her and then he started making fun of her appearance.

And one fine day, her beloved left her. This rupture completely demoralized her.

Fortunately, Zinnifli had good friends who came to her aid. Their advice inspired confidence in the future.

And the girl began to take care of herself.

Zinnifli said that to be in shape, she started to eat well and practice sport.

And in six months she changed, becoming unrecognizable, a charming and lovely girl.

And one day, she met her ex at a party. Amazed by her beauty, the young man tried to renew their friendship.

But Zinnifli has not forgotten how he abandoned her in the most difficult time of his life.

And it was her turn to ignore it. Because she deserved more.

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