Camels serve as daily transport for the family: children go to school on camels

The Fessett family grows in size thanks to the camels which are also members of the family.

The camels are six and serve as their means of transport. Neighborhood residents watch with surprise and admiration as the Fossett children ride camels to school.

This extraordinary family has a well-known business in the city that allows locals and tourists to ride camels.

Camels also participate in city parties and festivals with special costumes and jewelry and they enjoy photographing themselves with tourists.

The Fossetts are not like other families. Camels are their source of joy.

Father Joseph grew up in a family of circus performers and his dream was to keep camels for entertainment and transportation.

The Fossett camels, of which the three are one-humped and the three are two-humped, are very intelligent creatures and are considered members of their family.

“Spending our days with camels is something special. They are calm and comforting beings and fill our hearts with peace and joy,” says Mr. Fossett.

To keep all this herd, the family spends 4,000 euros a year. They eat hundreds of bales of hay, sugar beets, cereals and drink several thousand liters of water.

Currently, camels are invited to family and wedding parties as well, and the Fossetts are very happy to see their camels entertaining others.

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