The white lion shows off its majestic mane in jaw-dropping photos

A majestic white lion is causing an internet sensation after showing off its massive mane in a stunning photoshoot. An adorable 6-year-old kitten named Moya resides at the Glen Garriff Conservation Lion Sanctuary in South Africa. A rare lion is proud after posing for the camera.

The stunning photos were taken by British wildlife photographer Simon Needham, who wants to raise awareness of the plight of wild lions.

“Moya’s stunning coat shocked me the first time I saw it,” the Los Angeles-based photographer said. “Although he was quite difficult to approach, I had a few moments where he got close enough to me to get some great shots as he wandered around his yard. When you’re in a moment where you don’t really have a chance to appreciate the beauty of it all, but obviously afterwards I realized what beautiful photos we had.”

The photos taken by Simon are truly magnificent. Moya and her fabulous violet immediately went viral on social media. In this way, Simon also hopes to help the Glen Garriff Conservation Sanctuary in its efforts to help and protect these magnificent creatures.

“I’m really happy to help bring some well-deserved attention to GG Conservation Glen Garriff, where they have 77 lions,” Simon wrote in a Facebook post.

According to the IUCN Red List, African lions are classified as vulnerable, with fewer than 40,000 in the wild. However, some sources indicate that there are around 20,000 lions left in the wild.

Fortunately, the Glen Garriff Conservation Lion Sanctuary aims to “Love, Protect and Conserve Magnificent Lions”.

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