Rescued Pregnant Opossum Thanks and Hugs the Human Who Saved Her Life

Judy Obregon is driving to her mother-in-law’s house when she sees what looks like an almost dead opossum on the road. Obregon rushes to find that the opossum is not only injured (probably shot), but also pregnant.

And I was pregnant,” Obregon said. She took him to Tabitha, vet, was waiting for him. “And Tabitha said. “She didn’t try to bite me.” She knows I’m here to help, not hurt. I think she has a very good chance.” The vulnerable opossum got scared, but crawled to Tabitha and got to safety.

Obregon, founder of an animal rescue organisation, said: “I rescue dogs and cats, so this opossum was not part of my regular rescues.” She thinks it’s “unusual for me”, but that doesn’t discourage her. It is an animal whose heart was still beating when I approached it.” Once Angel is alive, she will be released into the wild in an area where hunting is prohibited.

Female opossums give birth to helpless young as big as bees. The young quickly take refuge in the mother’s scrotum, where they continue to grow. As they grow, they move in and out of the scrotum, and sometimes climb onto the mother’s back to search for food.

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