People find Bobcat frozen on train tracks during cold weather

Coby Reid was inspecting a stretch of railroad track in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains when he came across a small animal that almost blended into its surroundings.

A young bobcat sat in the center of the lanes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was holding up traffic. “The cat was resting on his haunches, like he was lying in a chair,” Reid told The Dodo.

The cat looked relaxed but, as Reid got closer, he realized the animal was in serious danger. Reid and his partner got out of their truck and noticed the cat couldn’t move because it was frozen to the metal rail.

With a train fast approaching behind them, Reid knew they had to get the wild animal to safety, so he tried to cover the bobcat with his jacket to keep him warm.
The Lynx didn’t seem too happy to wear clothes.

“We took a moment to think about the situation before deciding to call our office to ask someone to bring us a bucket of hot water to help free the unfortunate cat from the rail,” Reid said. “Shortly after, our boss arrived, water in hand and ready to help.”

The first bucket of water released one of the cat’s paws. “With more hot water, the cat was free,” Reid said. “But to our surprise, he didn’t want to leave without a fight.” Eventually, Reid and the other inspectors were able to move the Bobcat out of the lanes just in time.

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