Better late than never: Woman realizes her dream of becoming a ballerina at 62

She had a hell of a dream since childhood. It was to become a ballerina.

Tina Leverton, a 62-year-old woman, lives in Great Britain. She finally managed to get her wish at the age of 62.

“When people asked me what I wanted to become, I answered without thinking. The magical world of ballet always attracted me.

When I was nine years old, I had a friend who was dancing at a ballet class. I always accompanied him, I followed the girls who danced and I imagined that it was me who danced with them”, recalls Tina.

Tina’s parents did not have enough money for their daughter to take care of this activity. And his childhood dream did not come true.

But, in the end, at 62, Tina read an advertisement inviting older people to dance in a ballet studio, and she decided to participate.

In the beginning, she had difficulties, but she was able to overcome them and dance quite freely and gracefully.

“I was overweight then and at first, when I bent over, I couldn’t get up. And I couldn’t pull off a pirouette. But after three months everything went well and I was able to realize my dream,” Tina wrote on her WEB page.

Classical ballet classes were effective not only for her temperament, but for her health as well.

His physical condition improved and finally, his childhood dream came true.

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