A howling dog next to a hole refuses to back down until someone looks inside.

When Willians Moro Flores took his dog for a walk near his home in Chile earlier this month, he didn’t expect to save a life. But he did more than that. He saved two.

Mr Flores was walking past an old construction site when he noticed his dog pulling on the leash on the other side. It didn’t take Flores long to figure out why.

My dog ​​led me to an abandoned puppy, Flores said. “The dog was barking a lot.”

However, the pup wasn’t the only one trying to get Flores’ attention.

There were a number of deep holes where the pup had been left. He was trapped.

Suddenly, the behavior of the first dog became understandable.

It’s a shocking scene.

I didn’t know how to react “It was a very tense moment,” Flores said. But I ran home, got water, food and a rope and rushed to save the dog. I got into the hole and managed to get the pup out.”

Once the trapped dogs emerged safely from the hole, they immediately ran to their brother and sister, who seemed grateful for their help in the rescue.

The dogs ate food and drank water that Flores had brought, but they were still too weak to follow Flores. So Flores stayed with them. For the next four hours, he used social media to ask others for help.

This is how Valeska Torres Tapia, who deals with animal rescue, found out about the situation. Although it was already midnight, she rushed to the scene and let Flores take care of the rescue.

I brought the dogs home, Tapia said. They were terrified, but I gave them all the love I could.”

At home, Tapia bathed and cared for the dogs. There, she discovers that the loyalty that saved them binds them deeply.

“They are inseparable,” says Tapia. It’s the most beautiful thing ever.” Angel, Salvador, she called him. It’s unclear exactly how the dogs got together and one of them got stuck in a hole.

It seems they had no choice but to trust each other.

They hugged, looked out for each other and never let go.” These two children are like Siamese twins, because they are always hugging each other.”

It’s only been a few weeks since Flores and her dog ventured to the desperate place where Angel and Salvador were left alone, but they’ve already found a home together. Ms. Tapia decided to adopt a dog herself.

“When I shelter a dog, I always try to find him a good family. But it is difficult for me to find a family for Angel and Salvador, because they are inseparable. They cannot be separated. So I intend to keep them. And I will give them more love than they can ever imagine.”

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