This girl was slammed for her unusual-looking husband

People heavily criticized this girl for marrying a unique disabled man

Hannah is a lovely American who recently married a unique disabled man. Before their marriage, Hannah had no idea that she would be harshly criticized for her choice. But does she deserve all this?

Her husband has serious health problems and he can only move independently with the help of a wheelchair. The poor man is one of those who will need help until the end of his life. As surprising as it may seem, under these touching and heartwarming wedding photos, you can find a number of negative and offensive comments.

“You won’t even be able to have children”, “Maybe he is a millionaire”, “Why are you playing with his feelings? “I wonder how long their union will last. »

While some were nice to the unique couple. “Don’t listen to anyone”, “Love one another”.

Do you think his feelings are sincere?

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