These twins held hands at birth: they do it seven years later

These cute girls were born into the Thistlewaite family seven years ago.

Their birth story has become very well known and their photos very viral on social networks.

These twin sisters were born in an unordinary way.

The birth of Gillian and Jenna was very surprising: they held hands.

These were wonderful times for their mother and for the hospital staff and the little ones were heart-melting.

Babies had the same amniotic sac in the womb.

This phenomenon happens extremely rare, once in 10,000 pairs of twins.

The little girls were born one after another, holding hands tightly and it was a beautiful sight!

Their mother became famous thanks to her charming little girls.

Seven years have passed from this unforgettable day and the twins have grown up. But now they are inseparable and love to hold hands.

If Gillian and Jenna separate from time to time, they are very saddened.

When one goes somewhere with one of the parents, then the other begins to wait impatiently for her beloved sister.

According to specialists, even for twins, their bond is incredibly strong and they look alike like two drops of water.

Parents love their hand-holding wonders.

“May our wonderful little girls have a good future and be linked without end”, say the parents.

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