The girl born without legs has a strong will and surprises everyone with her performance

Paige Calendine lives in the United States. This particular child was born without legs.

A life full of difficulties awaited him. But growing up, she wasn’t desperate. She was drawn to sports.

Currently, Paige is eight years old and she is a gymnast on a very special team where she is a big part of it.

Paige’s parents thought the sport would help their daughter and build her muscles.

Paige, too, was interested in sports and her parents enrolled her in rhythmic gymnastics classes, which she began to attend with great pleasure.

Parents understood that the girl needed to have an exciting activity, so as not to focus on her physical problems.

And Paige fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics which became the meaning of her life.
In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for her, because the other girls in the team didn’t have any health problems.

But Paige had a strong will and managed to overcome all the difficulties.

Now Paige is very happy with her choice, she loves her workouts and surprises everyone with her performance.

She would like to take care of rhythmic gymnastics forever.

The girl has other plans too: swimming and archery and more cheerleading. In short, playing sports is the goal of his life.

The story of little Paige should serve as an example for those with physical disabilities.

If you have a strong will like Paige, you can overcome life’s obstacles.

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