Senior dog who spent 14 years in shelter sleeps in new bed for first time

Sweet dog Stuart just wanted a forever home after being at the shelter for over 14 years. When he first appeared at the center he was only 1 year old, and now he had some hope of finding a caring family so he could live out the rest of his life in peace.

After 2 unsuccessful adoptions and returns, the adorable animal was really depressed and did not believe in miracles. He just had to bear the thought that he would stay at the shelter. A member of staff decided to post her photo, tell her story and help her find a lovely landlord.

Thankfully, this kind act completely changed Styart’s life. A kind woman named Natalie Snyder saw him on the internet and rushed to pick him up, feeling she needed such a wonderful dog. Stuard was definitely looking for this heroine to save him and give him a second chance to enjoy his life.

Now Stuart is extremely happy and content to be in his new home, sleeping in his cozy bed and enjoying the love and care of his lovely mistress. He greatly appreciates his kind owner who takes care of him with immense devotion. And he is also a great companion for her. It’s so wonderful to see him trying to be a deserved pet and brave enough to live happily despite his past.

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