Rescuers battle a thunderstorm to get the abandoned sisters to safety

As lightning flashed ominously across the sky, rescue team Kathleen Mannion, Kim Reid and Fiona McClintock did not stop.

They knew that somewhere out there were two frightened German Shepherd sisters who needed help. And they wouldn’t stop until they found them.

The team, which often helps rescue abandoned animals around Fermanagh in Ireland, sprang into action as soon as they received information about the dogs. The search lasted three days, taking them through dense forests and farmland.

On the third day, the team feared the dogs would never be spotted.

“We felt a bit depressed because we couldn’t reach them and just wanted to get them to safety,” Mannion told The Dodo.

Eventually, they found the sisters hiding in a local farmer’s cabin. Finally the dogs appeared.

“It was a very intense, overwhelming feeling of pure joy and excitement,” Mannion said. “We were always very concerned about their well-being, but we were so excited to have them in a safe space. There were definitely a few tears.”

Rescuers named the dogs Tora and Levina and immediately began rehabilitating the sisters. Lost Paws NI offered to pay for veterinary care, and Little China Dog Rescue offered rescue space. The team was delighted that both organizations were so quick to offer their help.

“It took a lot of the pressure off of us and we were able to really enjoy our time with them,” Mannion said. “It was almost euphoric.”

Soon the dogs began to look at people in a new light.

“Once they were caught and given the medication and treatment they needed, they started showing a bit more of their own personality,” Mannion said. “As people ran away, they started asking for more hugs.”

The dogs have now settled into foster homes where they will live until adopted.

The rescue team still doesn’t know where exactly the sisters are from, but they are so happy that their story has a happy ending.

“We couldn’t have asked for more,” Mannion said. “They are so happy and they know they are so loved.”

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