Loving Polar Bear Mommy Playing With Her Baby For The First Time

One of the biggest zoos in Novosibirsk, Russia, became a truly happy place once a long-awaited wonder, the polar bear, came into the world. Polar bears are the largest predators on the planet, breeding once every two or three years, and even more rarely in unnatural habitat.

On December 7, 2015, the happy parents of the polar bear, Kay and Gerda, gave birth to their second cub. The cute bear was born absolutely hairless and helpless. The cub spends the first months of its life with its mother in the den until it grows stronger. It is impossible to determine the sex of the cub yet, so it is too early to give a name to this wild animal.

In January, this little snow bear opened his eyes and his ears perked up. This sweet creature has a good appetite and is gaining weight well. The sire is not allowed to speak to the young and the mother as the staff fears the male’s unpredictable reaction. So Kay will be isolated in another enclosure for a year.

After the cute bear got a little older, he and his mother came out of the den into the fresh air for the first time. The little thing enjoys the first snow of its life. He studies the world with caution but at the same time has fun playing with his mother.

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