A millionaire mother forces her children to earn their pocket money on their own

One day, a grandfather gave a winning ticket to his granddaughter. It was in 2005.

Charmaine Watson was a young single woman who lived in Britain and had a baby. She had no job and lived with her grandparents.

Grandfather’s lottery was a real lifesaver for Charmaine. She won almost 2.3 million pounds sterling which is 2.6 million euros.

This fantastic event completely changed his life. Suddenly, the poor woman became a millionaire.

After a short time, she married Robbie, her childhood friend. They had two boys, Daniel and Georgia.

Sixteen years have passed since those days and currently Charmaine’s eldest son Ryan is 17 and the other boys are 14 and 12.

“Although I am a millionaire, my children are forced to work. I want them to earn their own money and be able to save money.

They have to understand what responsibility is and help me with the housework,” the woman said in 2020, giving an interview to The Mirror.

Charmaine explains to her sons that to make money, you have to kill on the job.

Now her husband Bobbie works as a carpenter and the modest boys of a millionaire family earn their own pocket money. They earn five to ten euros.

And the mother is a volunteer in a non-profit association.

She dreams of building a house near that of her dear grandparents who, currently, were not alive, but who rescued her and donated the lottery that won.

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