A little dog waits every day for a visit from his favorite postman

It’s fair to say that no one was waiting for the postcards to arrive more than Franny. It was the purpose of his day.

Every morning, Franny waited outside her door.

But this five-month-old, long-haired Chihuahua doesn’t want to get any mail. All she thinks about is Dan, the postman.

“I’m so excited,” Franny’s mom, Lisa Lasky, said. The day we took her home, she fell in love.”

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That day, Lasky pulled out the mail with her new puppy in hand. She stopped and spoke briefly with Dan.

“He got out of the car, she said, and asked me to kiss him, and it’s been like every day since.”

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Dan has been a staple in this neighborhood for years.” He is always punctual and diligent. He has always been the best postman and is loved by everyone in the neighborhood,” says Lasky.

It’s no big surprise to Lasky that the pup quickly falls in love with Dan, but his heartwarming routine continues to impress him.

Franny was sitting on her bed by the door when she saw a white truck. When the truck approached, she let out a little cry to let the men know she was there,” Lasky said. I got up, got ready and tried to board him. When I got near the mailbox, I let him out into the driveway and ran. He ran straight ahead.・・・・・・ And he laughed.

Not only does Dan make Franny happy, but playing with the puppies in Dan’s driveway always makes Franny happier.

“I think she’s happier to see him now than in a few days,” Lasky says. It really became a mutual friendship and a special bond.”

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