A Couple Adopted A Paralyzed Cat And Their Story Went Viral

While adoption is an act of love, bringing home an animal with special needs is something that transcends that feeling.

Let us introduce you to Aoife, a two-year-old cat who has stolen the hearts of millions. The kitten was spotted on Instagram by two amazing hoomans, Sabrina and James. They immediately fell in love with the animal and decided to bring it into their family. However, Aoife is not your usual cat.

She was born with a mutilated pelvis and has severe hip dysplasia and a huge curve in the spine near the thoracic region. Due to her spinal deformities, she is also incontinent and has to wear a diaper.

Sabrina and James spent 2 months working with Aoife’s adoptive mother to learn how to properly care for the disabled cat.

Sabrina began documenting the cat’s life at home and posting photos and videos of Aoife online.

Her followers say how much they love her story, but it wasn’t until her first reel hit 1 million views that we realized we had a little star, Sabrina shared.

She is stubborn, feisty, fearless and incredibly strong which makes for hilarious and inspiring videos. We had no idea she would get so much attention though.

Sabrina told us that watching Aoife thrive despite her disability made them appreciate their blessings more, taught them to be kinder, and helped them connect with some truly wonderful people.

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