This is what this unique Ukrainian grandmother looks like at the age of 61.

This 61-Year-Old Woman From Ukraine Looks 35: What Are Her Secrets?

This elderly Ukrainian woman has delighted the whole world with her looks as she actually looks under 40 which is amazing.

Svetlana herself cannot really believe that she is already in her sixties. The unique woman holds the opinion that every woman can look attractive and desirable even in old age.

It doesn’t always require being a popular star, according to her.

In fact, she leads a healthy lifestyle and does regular workouts in order to stay fit and healthy. From the videos she shares on social media, we can learn how exactly she manages to maintain her stunning figure and look younger.

The elderly Ukrainian woman has a number of followers who sincerely admire her effort, determination and clear mind.

In addition, Svetlana is the owner of a beauty salon and is very popular due to her unreal beauty and good physical shape.

What do you think of Svetlana?

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