The woman adopted two children with a difference of a year, but it turned out that they were brother and sister

After a divorce at the age of 30, Katie Page from the United States decided to change her life radically – she changed her job, bought a new house, decided to furnish it as she always wanted, but she always wanted something more. So over time, she made the decision to adopt a child. And then another. What she didn’t expect, for these children to turn out to be true blood relatives to each other.

This story began with the local church sending Katie a letter with an offer to become a mentor for local children in an orphanage. This proposal immediately resonated in Katie’s heart and she went to meet with a representative of the organization. As she later admitted, the idea frightened and fascinated her, so she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

It took Cathy a while to really think about this idea, and when she reached full maturity, she returned to the orphanage and became a mentor to several children who had suffered psychological trauma in childhood. And when a baby boy was released from the hospital, who was only 4 days old, Katie asked to take him for her.

Depending on local laws, parents (or a relative) who wish to adopt or adopt a child can take the baby, live with him and care for him, but for another 11 months the biological mother can claim him. “No one responded to the ad in the newspaper, no one came to the hospital to pick up a boy, no one,” says Cathy.

So when the boy, whom Kathy named Grayson, turned 11 months old, Kathy officially adopted her. And a few weeks later, a colleague from the same organization called Katie and asked if she could help with another abandoned baby.

Katie arrived at the orphanage and saw a newborn girl. Just like Grayson a year ago, this little one was abandoned at just four days old. In his blood, like once in Grayson’s blood, the doctors found traces of drugs. “This time it was different. Just 10 minutes after the call, the phrase “I know I’m crazy but the Lord God is asking me to say ‘Yes’ to this child” slipped out of my mouth itself.

While filling out the paperwork for the girl, Kathy noticed something odd. “On the girl’s bracelet was her real mother’s name – just a first name, no last name. And it was the exact same name as Grayson. I dug through the hospital records and found that their mothers’ birth dates were there as well, and it matched.

Cathy wrote to her employee asking if this girl and her adopted son might be siblings, but was told she was just crazy. And then Katie, with a vengeance, started looking for the woman who brought the girl (and probably the boy too) to the hospital, especially since it was the same hospital.

This time, Katy managed to find her. The woman was pregnant again. Not immediately confessing, she nevertheless later confirmed that she had indeed left the girl and the boy in the hospital. Why, as Cathy says, one look was enough to see Grayson and the newborn daughter’s resemblance to this woman.

Cathy spoke to the adoption service about this conversation. They conducted their own mini-investigation and also confirmed Kathy’s version – the two children were parents. When they called Cathy, she was at work, and when she heard that Grayson and the baby, whom Kathy called Hannah, were really brother and sister, she burst into tears in the middle of the office.

Today, that story is long over – a year has passed since Katie discovered the mother of her adopted children. Hannah also officially became Katie’s adopted daughter. And the children’s mother gave birth to another child. Katie decided she would adopt him too. Family should be family.

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