Boundless devotion: Dog finds comfort in friendship with adorable baby

This dog Miki has befriended baby Rosie.

Before, the dog’s life was not happy. His former owner abused and neglected the animal and eventually took him to a dog shelter.

Miki was morally traumatized and at the shelter he suffered violence from the two non-adaptive dogs and his condition deteriorated day by day.

The harsh life of the animal has left scars in its canine soul.

When the new owner adopted him almost two years ago, the dog was afraid of everything and anyone.

And when someone wanted to come near him, he started moaning and shaking his whole body.

But, gradually, the dog adapted to his new family.

Especially the baby Rosie who at that time was ten months old was for him a real find and the goal of his life.

Miki immediately accepted the girl. These two beings became best friends from the moment they first met.

At first the dog wanted to stay near his bed all the time, but gradually he approached the baby, and the child cuddled him and kissed his furry friend.

Thus, they became inseparable.

And when the child started to walk, it was a deep joy for the dog who followed him everywhere in the apartment and outside.
Rosie preferred to sleep with her faithful friend.
Everyone was amazed at the pure and sincere friendship of this charming duo.
Their devotion to each other knows no bounds.

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