Boomerang of kindness: the couple adopted four children, then found out they were having quadruplets

In April this year, Maxine Young posted on Instagram: “What could be worse than teething 19 month olds? It’s teething in four 19-month-old babies! Yes, our heroine gave birth to quadruplets. But they are not the only children growing up in this big family.

Maxine and Jacob Young got married in 2016. From the very beginning, the young woman wanted to remove the children from the orphanage. Her husband supported her decision. The couple was then taking care of their two children.

Shortly after, they received a call from the orphanage. It turned out that two children living in the house of Maxine and Jacob have another brother. Without even asking her husband, the heroine immediately decided to accept him into the family. The woman realized that although three children is a lot, she cannot separate them. However, in the gear there was still little Elliot, who was also a parent of Jacob and Maxine’s children. At this point, the children lived permanently with them, although officially they were not yet in their care. This means that the family now has four children. But this is where the story has only just begun.

For the first two years of her life with Jacob, Maxine was unable to conceive. But finally the happy moment arrived. The woman became a mother and gave birth to a boy named Henry.

At the same time, Maxine and Jacob began to work out the issue of custody of their adopted children. After guardianship, it felt like they had a big, big family.

When all the childcare work was done, it turned out that Maxine was pregnant again. To the great surprise of the main character, she learns that she is pregnant with quadruplets. The doctors didn’t make very good predictions about the four babies, but all turned out well. The woman gave birth to four healthy children.

Now let’s clarify the names of all the children in the family. In addition to Jacob and Maxine, the family includes Aiden, 10, Parker, 7, Connor, 6, and Eliott, 5. There is also a four-year-old son of the main characters, Henry. And quadruplets: Beck, Theo, Silas and Cecilia. Now the children are about two years old.

Everything is amazing. At some point, parents will have children in almost every high school grade. Of course, it’s not easy to give babies the attention they deserve, but older children are already trying to help their parents take care of the little ones.

A mother of many children says that children create a kind of chaos, but it’s beautiful.

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