Black Bear Cubs Make Adorable “Sound of Contentment” in Front of a Pile of Apples

Here’s a great video of the happy bears to watch. They love fruit, especially apples. They got a gift: a bunch of tasty apples, they got the sweetest surprise, capturing the moment on video.

The sight of the rescued youth surrounded by delicious food is simply priceless. The parents were also amazed. Writer, producer and animal lover John Fusco took to Twitter to share the adorable scenes filmed at the Kilham Bear Centre. Have you ever heard the “happy sound” of a baby?” he wrote in the caption, and the video is currently receiving a huge response.

The Kilham Bear Center is a shelter located in the town of Lyme, New Hampshire, which houses orphaned black bears. The young are cared for there until they can be released into the wild.

Of course, apples are no match for this adorable little eater. You can see this amazing moment in the video below.

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