An unusual hobby for this 109-year-old man: he knits sweaters for penguins

Alfred Deith, an elderly man, embraced the idea of ​​living as long as possible. This extraordinary man is 109 years old and says that at this age too life can be interesting and full of good times.

Alfred Deith has a very pleasant and useful hobby. Her sister taught her to knit. Although this job is considered a female activity, Alfred loves it and still takes care of it. According to him, it is an effective way to dissipate and work for the benefit of society.

He likes to create woolen works. His first job was a sweater he knitted for his adorable nephew.

Then, he decided to make his work useful and several masterpieces followed.

Alfred learned that there are places where the waters have been polluted by oil.

And penguins, living in these contaminated environments, can damage their feathers and harm their body too.

And the plumage of the birds begins to dry very slowly, and the penguin does not manage to warm up.

With the help of his parents, the 109-year-old managed to contact a penguin advocacy organization whose volunteers always come to pick up the beautiful sweaters he knitted.

Alfred has become very skilled and he knits not only very quickly, but also of superior quality. Her knits are really beautiful and cute.

Though penguins don’t appreciate the usefulness and beauty of their clothes, but people should be grateful to people like Alfred.

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