An incredible situation: these 9 nurses who work at the same hospital all became pregnant at the same time

It may seem implausible. But these nine staff members, nurses in the same labor ward at Maine Medical Center in Portland, became pregnant almost at the same time. The women joke that their pregnancy was contagious.

When one of the women discovered that she was pregnant, for a short period of time, the others also announced their pregnancy.

It’s truly amazing that nine nurses at a Maine hospital got pregnant one after another.

This is very interesting, because all the nurses work together in the same delivery department.

Perhaps being assisted in so many deliveries, they wanted to savor the sensations of motherhood. And that didn’t even scare them.

These expectant mothers are not simple specialists, but experienced professionals with deep knowledge. And for three months, all of them must give birth.

The hospital management must consider finding other nurses to replace them during the time they are on maternity leave.

Giving an interview to the WMTW TV station, nurse Amanda Spear said: ‘It’s extremely nice to work together and be in the same situation, to come to work and see your colleagues who are also pregnant .

It’s wonderful when we see the bellies swell and when each of us talks about her experience.

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