An incredible event: a girl was born in a family where there were 14 boys

Kateri and Jay Schwandt live in Rockford, USA. They were very young when they got married and had their first boy, Tyler. Then, another 13 boys were born.

And here is a fantastic event: the 45-year-old parents gave birth to their fifteenth child. And to the delight of the Schwandts, it was a girl they named Maggie Jayne.

Each time, when Kateri gave birth to a child, we wrote articles in the local newspapers and we invited the Schwandts to participate in the programs.

In 1914, before the birth of the thirteenth boy, Francisco, they were invited to the Today program where the host said, “Oh my God, a couple with 12 sons who are still expecting a boy! Will they finally have a daughter?

And each time when a boy was born, the media announced that they were expecting a girl.

The family had already adjusted to the presence of the boys. Their eldest Tyler, who was 28, was already engaged and bought a house not far from his father’s house.

“When we found out we were going to have a sister, we didn’t get it, it was something unusual for us,” Tyler said.

And in 2014 the boys’ mother told Mlive: ‘If we had a girl, I think we would be in shock.’

Jay still dreamed of a girl. He said that a little girl could change the atmosphere of their male home which would become more peaceful and without fights.

And truly, the birth of Maggie Jayne has brought happiness and sweetness to their home. According to the parents, she will be the most pampered and protected child.

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