After a long separation the woman finds her husky dog ​​stolen for two years

This is the moving story of a lost dog whose owner loved him dearly and she found him after so much searching and suffering.

The woman called Cameroon Juments adopted her admirable husky dog ​​six years ago.

At that time, the puppy was only a few months old. And the woman was battling a very serious cancer.

She named her four-legged friend Semper Fidelis. They lived together full of reciprocal love.

The dog consoled the sick woman with his presence.

But as a result of three years, something terrible happened, husky was lost, leaving its owner with grief.

The woman had to go to California for further treatment and she left her dog with a friend. But soon, his friend called him announcing that Semper was missing.

After returning, the woman was looking for her dog everywhere. She looked for him in veterinary clinics, in shelters, she approached the animal rights organization and the police.

She posted posts on social media, but to no avail. The dog was gone.

Cameroon did not lose hope and she went to a detective. So we discovered something strange.

When Cameroon decided to recheck her chip from the animal recovery service, she saw that another owner had added her name.

Then the woman learned that the dog was stolen and sold.

After so much searching and sadness, her adorable husky has been found. One cannot imagine their meeting full of tears of happiness.

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