After 50 years in a circus, an elephant collapses with joy when she learns that she is finally free

2 elephants, forced to live their entire existence in a circus, were finally given an opportunity to escape and their behavior was surprising: after more than 50 years of chaining, the adorable animals were saved and transported to a nature reserve. , where they can finally live a free and happy life. For Lia and Kita, life was very hard. Both sisters were forced to entertain circus performers with their tricks, but spent most of their lives in chains. However, all their suffering was taken away thanks to SOS, an Indian wildlife rescue and conservation association.

Years of suffering left heavy marks. They were both exhausted and seemed in bad shape. Years of suffering left deep scars on their bodies and minds, but they found the strength to savor their first moments of freedom. When Kita entered the pond for the first time in her life, Mija felt a different kind of relief. She lay down on the floor to rest! At that time, the volunteers who rescued the two gentle creatures were moved to tears.

We don’t know exactly when Lia was last able to do this, but it’s clear she’s needed it for a long time. The refuge writes. Elephants need to rest every day, but when chained to their front and hind legs, they cannot rest. The refuge writes. Elephants need to rest every day, but when chained to their front and back legs, they often cannot. This was the case with Lia.

Katk Satyanarayan, co-founder, says: They seem a lot happier already. But the recovery will be long. Katk Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife Rescue, says: They seem much happier already. They don’t need to play circus anymore and their joint pains can rest and heal, so they are happier.

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