A few years ago these sisters lost weight up to 36 kilos: fortunately everything is over

Nowadays, many people want to lose weight to look better.

Often they succeed by harming their health. This problem is much discussed and the media talk about it a lot.

Losing weight for the benefit of health is superb, but the heroines of our story have lost weight by damaging their health.

The twins Macha and Dacha Ledénéva from Lipetsk, a city in Russia, dreamed of becoming models.

The girls’ mother decided to help them by looking for modeling agencies.

When they approached an agency, it turned out that the sisters’ weights, 52 and 54 kilos, were not suitable for this career. So, to lose weight, the 14-year-old sisters started not eating.

And this caused a serious illness. The girls fell into anorexia. This means loss of appetite and refusal to eat.

The girls were getting thinner and thinner. They felt dizzy and couldn’t even walk normally.

Three years ago, their mother had approached a popular program to reveal the subject and support twins.

Masha and Dasha spent their 15th birthday and New Year’s in the hospital. Because of weight loss, they had heart problems.

And the twins became famous not as models, but because of their illness.

Luckily, the medical care gave good results. Being under intensive medical supervision, they eventually recovered.

They gained weight and became lovely again.

The sisters love each other very much and are still inseparable.

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