With five shipping containers this New Zealand woman has built a wonderful off-grid home

In Coromandel, New Zealand, in a private reserve of 10 hectares lives a woman called Rosie.

On this land, surrounded by nature, the woman had a non-ordinary house built off the grid.

The idea came to her when she decided to live far from civilization.

People who adopt this kind of life are called “off-gridders”, which means outside the system.

This house was built using five shipping containers each of which is almost 7 meters in length.

Rosie named her home ahuriwa, which means holy place. Here, the woman lives a harmonious life with nature.

There is no house nearby, it is completely isolated from dwellings.

A magnificent view opens everywhere, she can admire the dawn and the dawn and the peaceful surroundings.

Rosie’s goal was to live not only outside of civilization, but as environmentally friendly as possible.

She has a beautiful garden with exotic trees and grows different healing and edible plants there.

The house has all the comforts and so that the light enters in abundance, it is surrounded everywhere by large windows, from which splendid views open.

For an energy source, solar energy is used. Except from the extra stove, there is also a cute fireplace.

All rooms are extremely comfortable. They are very well furnished, including the large kitchen and the library.

Rosie is infinitely happy to live in the house of her dreams, in the middle of nature.

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