This 101-year-old lady continues to do her shopping on foot: the inhabitants of the village have installed a bench for her to rest

The inhabitants of Merville-Franceville-Plage, Calvados department in France, have installed a bench in one of the streets of the village.

This bench is intended for a 101-year-old lady. Giselle Bisson does her errands herself and walks absolutely on foot.

The people decided to make the path of the oldest woman in their village easier.

The bench was placed on the sidewalk so that Madame Giselle could rest halfway.

“I thank them all, I take advantage of this gift and afterwards, people will take advantage of it,” said Giselle Bisson in a report by TF1.

The municipal team installed the bench on the route of the woman, between her house and the store where the centenarian goes to do her shopping, so that she can rest a little before continuing her journey.

The bench bears a plaque with his name.

When the famous inhabitant of the village sits on her bench to rest, there is always someone with whom she discusses.

Her nephew Pascal explained to TF1 that despite her age, her aunt is a very independent and very active woman.

“Aunt Giselle doesn’t want us to help her. She takes care of everything herself,” said her nephew.

A neighbour, admired for her energy, adds: “She looks younger. Madame Giselle goes up to the second floor quite lightly. She’s a wonderful woman.”

Pascal affirms that those who know his aunt will never stop remembering her.

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