Orphan Pony Finds Comfort With Teddy Bear And Now They Sleep Together

A common way for parents to deal with children who are afraid to sleep alone is to provide them with a stuffed animal to keep them company during the night. And it works very well. Frankly, even as an adult, having a stuffed animal in bed at night is very soothing. I did not know what to do.

Turns out, we humans aren’t the only ones who need company at night when we’re feeling lonely or scared. Animals need it too, and that’s exactly what we love. The pony in the video below was abandoned shortly after birth, and his mother wasn’t there to comfort him for the first few days of his life. The pony received the best medical care and had everything it needed, but it was not within reach.

Indeed, food and housing are not enough for an animal to be happy and healthy. They also need love and affection. But the shelter staff couldn’t be with them 24 hours a day, so they decided to try something different and bought a giant teddy bear they could cuddle anytime. Sadly, Breeze doesn’t have a mother, said Shira Bowden, the shelter’s executive director.

The pony accepted the bears from day one and is even improving. The pony feels better, sleeps better and has regained his appetite. Providing playmates for these solitary animals has had such positive results that staff are now considering doing the same for other animals at the shelter.

The week-old is sleeping peacefully on the lap of his new substitute, Jumbo the teddy bear, the shelter posted on YouTube. The Breeze found the bay pony abandoned in Dartmoor National Park just hours after she was born. Unable to find his mother, he staggered down the hill, trying to nurse his foal. When rescuers from a local horse sanctuary arrived, Breeze was in severe shock and dehydrated.

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