Older babies who were born recently but seem to have all of life’s wisdom behind them.

From birth, children can communicate. Newborns feel no different. During the first eight weeks, the baby does not control its movements and all physical activity is involuntary or reflex.

Your baby has many surprises in store for you, from recognizing your face to her first smile. Discover surprising facts about your baby and get to know him better.

Babies can hear your voice and other sounds from around 23 weeks gestation. So even if they don’t say their first words until they are one year old, they are learning the language.

Your voice is your baby’s favorite voice, who loves to hear you talk and sing. It’s never too early to start reading to them, and the more words they hear now, the better their language skills will be later.

Today we’ve rounded up some very cute photos of kids who look like they’re in their fifties…

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