Albino turtles are magnificent: they look like beings from another planet

Albino animals are adorable and beautiful to look at. They look like beings from another planet.

It is not obligatory that the albino be of white color. They can also be multicolored.

There are albino turtles in the world that are not white at all.

These beings are reddish and look like creatures from another universe or very rare exotic animals on our planet. But they are simply albino turtles.

An albino turtle has become famous on social networks. Her multicolored pinkish body is painted like a surreal canvas.

But this shelled reptile differs from all animals by its heart: it beats outside the body!

Its owner takes care of his now famous pet.

He is already a year old and it is believed that he will live a long time like all the turtles in the world who live 50 to 100 years.

There are several types of albino turtles. Some are pink or yellow with reddish spots, but in any case their bellies are pink like those of all turtles that are not albinos.

Turtles can be wonderful pets.

And also they like to eat and beg for food.

These quirky animals are interactive, but not like dogs or cats that can hop or wag their tails, cuddle you and help you in an emergency.

In any case, turtles can also be happy when they are alone.

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