A happy gecko can’t stop smiling when he’s around his gecko toy

A true friend is always there to lean back and cheer up, but no one is happier than this super cute gecko for a friend. Although they are extremely territorial creatures, it is hard to believe that a gecko could share its space with another of its species, but it turns out that things are completely different when you are a small toy gecko. .

This adorable little guy can easily be called the happiest gecko and the reason for his smile is actually his boyfriend. Although we all know that lizards can’t really smile, this gecko proves us all wrong. And for that very reason, it went viral blissfully years ago. Everyone meets Kohaku!

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Kohaku caused a stir on social media a few years ago when several photos showed him sitting next to his mini-me version, a small toy gecko. But it didn’t matter to the cute lizard that his best friend was just a toy, because in his presence he seemed happier than ever.

Although extremely cute, like any other unlikely companionship, this relationship comes as a surprise since leopard geckos are known to be extremely territorial lizards. But for Kohaku, having a Chinmari, as the toy is called, is a source of constant happiness.

Since such a great friendship could not go unnoticed, Kohaku and Chinmari have earned a solid reputation online, with thousands of followers. The couple has around 38,000 followers on Instagram. So if you are looking for something to cheer you up, follow them.

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