6 Weirdest Marriages That Prove Love Is Blind

Love is not only bad but also blind. These sunny feelings have no limits or standards. In the case of couples with an age difference, there is a sense of security. However, if one of the partners behaves in a certain way, the couple quickly becomes a topic of discussion.

So we decided to list 10 unusual weddings that we think are absolutely hilarious in our “interesting to know” section.

Kyle Jones, 31, and Marjorie McCall, 91.

Often mistaken for grandmother and grandchild, the couple began dating in 2009. Kyle admits he’s always been attracted to older women.

Vern Troyer, Janice Galen.

In 2004, actor Vern Troyer married Playboy model Genevieve Galen. The actor was 82 cm tall and the model 188 cm tall, but the next day they broke up and Troyer learned that the model had married him for his money.

Mangli Munda marries a stray dog.

The village council decides so to save themselves from a bad fate that threatens the whole village. A few months later, she marries a man.

A 28-year-old Chinese man marries a doll.

This man decided to do it after his doctor diagnosed him with cancer. He wanted to enjoy the joy of marriage, but did not want to torture a living maiden. After all, he only had a few months left to live.

The strongest man in the world and his wife

Chinese Yu Zhenghuang, 32, has thick body hair, with 96% of his body covered in black hair. But that didn’t stop him from getting married. He has already started laser hair removal and plans to remove some of his hair.

Grace Gedler will marry her even after six years of single life.

This British woman is planning a wedding for 50 people. She explained her behavior by saying that after going six years without meeting anyone, she decided she didn’t need a man at all.

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