14 cute cats who grew up without noticing

All kittens are so small and helpless, blind and deaf, all they can do is find their mother with their nose, drink milk and sleep. But they grow and develop so fast that sometimes they themselves don’t notice! Mother cats are very fond of order and have to spend a lot of energy to gather their children crawling in different directions, but every day the children’s activity increases more and more, and it becomes more interesting for them to explore the surroundings.

Today we’ve prepared a fun selection of photos of cats who have absolutely no idea they’ve grown up. They behave like children, and only from the photo you can see what crumbs they were quite recently.

This little cat greets the owner like this from a very young age.

“I didn’t grow up, but the toy shrunk!”

Same place, same time

“I never skip lunch!”

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to get to your favorite place.

The owner has not changed at all.

“I just ate a big meal!”

Oh, what growth!

“Something happened to the sofa, lately the head doesn’t fit!”

My beautiful

Favorite night club

“Is it me?!”

“Yes, that’s how I grew up!”

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