Touching moment a wild horse saves a young filly from drowning

Horses are the most caring and cautious of animals, especially when their life is in danger. These majestic creatures are always willing to risk their lives for their families. Whether on the farm or in the wild, horses are not afraid to protect their loved ones.

That day, it was a stallion who saved a pony trying to cross a river. This spectacular moment took place in the national forest where fortunately a guard was able to witness the scene and even record it on camera.

The largest natural forest, once home to thousands of wild horses, now has only a few wild horses. The peaceful atmosphere of a quiet afternoon is suddenly interrupted by a cacophony of whinnies from across the river. Horses are territorial animals but, except during the breeding season, they are very peaceful.

The two groups of horses therefore ignored each other at first, but the intrepid champions finally decided to cross the river to investigate.

But the current was too fast for the inexperienced pony. As a result, the pony was quickly overwhelmed by the raging current and found itself in a no-win situation. Luckily, a powerful champion saved the day.

When he noticed the young pony struggling to keep her head above water, the huge stallion approached her and steered her in the right direction.

Like a father figure, he provides protection for the colt until he reaches the safety of the water and the opposite shore.

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