The brave woman saved the drowning dog in the river a stone hanging from his neck

There are people who go through the dangers to save the life of an animal or their pet. But there are criminals who kill their four-legged friends without mercy.

This incident happened on the bank of a river. A poor dog afloat tried to swim to approach the edge of the river, but he could not reach the goal.

Suddenly, a woman noticed the drowning dog struggling for its life. Immediately, the brave woman jumped into the water to rescue the exhausted dog.

When she tried to pull the animal out of the water, she noticed that a rock was hanging from its neck, the weight of which was pulling it down.

With great effort, the woman pulled the dog from the river. The poor animal was barely alive and there was water in its lungs.

Right away, the brave woman put the dog in her car and took him to a vet.

The veterinarian provided first aid. After being rescued, the rescued pooch felt fine.

The police were also informed of this incident and investigated the matter.

The police began the search for the owner of the dog who had committed this terrible crime. Eventually they found the culprit.

It is hoped that the poor animal will be adopted by people who will surround him with warmth and love.

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