The boy left his prestigious job and went to Africa to live with wild animals

We often talk about interesting people, but today we want to talk about Swiss Dean Schneider, 26, who asked for everything to realize his dream.

Dean had a very well paid position, he worked as a financier, had a nice apartment, but he left all that and went to live in South Africa, where he founded the club “Hakuna Mipaka” (translated from Swahili means “without limits”) .

Dean helps wild animals by creating healthy conditions for them and protecting them from poachers.

Within the 300-hectare area, there are special areas where different animals live, from hyenas to baboons.

Dean has been interested in wildlife since childhood, and now he has succeeded in making his dream come true.

Dean is convinced that the more people are interested in this subject, the more we can help animals.

And Instagram is a great platform to inform a large number of readers about the problems of wildlife residents.

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