Don’t Talk To Strangers: Mother Elephant Protects Calf From Tourists

Incredible footage shows how a mother elephant prevents her calf from approaching a group of Safari tourists. It’s like she’s saying, “don’t talk to strangers.”

Like any other child, elephants also have a natural curiosity. They either try to figure out why they have such long noses, why they can’t squeeze into their old bathtubs, or just refuse to leave the dirty spot.

So naturally, when a bear cub in this video spotted a group of tourists, all he wants to do is investigate. However, her mother has a different opinion. Showing excessive care, she takes her little child away as quickly as possible.

The video was shot in Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa. And even the Rangers were touched by this caring mother. It’s “almost like she’s saying, ‘don’t talk to strangers,'” they wrote in the video’s caption.

Perplexed, the baby decides to sleep with his mother. After all, mom always knows better than anyone. There is a good job on the education of children. Mom didn’t attach much importance to it. However, she calmly and effectively diverted attention from her calf to another location to lead her away from potential danger.

Watch this overly caring mom roar!

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