Caring dog adopts baby opossums after mother dies

The fate of a group of tiny opossums has been decided after the infamous death of their mother. Like most wild animals, the helpless little creatures relied on their mother, so with her departure their chances of survival became very low. But, luckily, a caring woman found them just in time and rushed to their rescue.

The baby opossums didn’t even have time to open their eyes when Stephanie Maldonado, a wildlife enthusiast and true animal lover, came across their droppings. The woman tried to take them to the wildlife rescue center, but the center was crowded. The lives of these helpless creatures were in Stephanie’s hands and she was determined to keep them alive.

Stephanie—a cynologist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—decided to take the baby opossums to her home to watch over them. However, she realized that it would be a very difficult mission, as she had to bottle feed them every two hours. But it turned out that she got extra help where she least expected.

Back home, the woman introduced the little animals to her dog Pretinha, who, to Stephanie’s surprise, stepped in and took the desperate animals under her wing. The dog’s maternal instincts immediately kicked in and she began caring for the tiny possums as if they were her own puppies.

“It’s so nice to see how much care she takes on them, while licking and pinning them,” Stephanie wrote on Facebook. “She is like a mother to little creatures.”

Thanks to the dedication of the woman and the kindness of her dog, the baby opossums overcame all the difficulties and survived. To them, Pretigna was their mother. They even climbed on her back as she went out for a walk, and sure enough, the cute dog seemed more than happy with her role!

Stephanie hopes that when the time comes, the possums can return to the wild, but considering the beautiful relationship they share with their adoptive mother, it’s pretty hard to believe they’ll leave her behind.

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