An incident on the highway: the vet saves a frightened dog by risking his life

This incident happened in Bucharest, Romania.

Veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu has loved animals since childhood. It is for this love that he chose the profession of veterinarian.

Ovidiu thinks that to risk his life, courage is not enough, one must have love and kindness which are more important than being brave.

One day, the vet was driving his car along a highway with very heavy traffic. Suddenly, from afar, he noticed something in the middle of the road.

When he approached, he saw a small dog trying to take shelter under the railing of the road so as not to be hit by cars.

The puppy was huddled, terrified, abandoned and unbearable.

So the man got out of his car risking his life and approached the puppy. But the animal might not obey and be hit by a passing car.

Fortunately, being an animal specialist, the veterinarian knew how to gain the dog’s trust.

So he lowered his leg to the railing and gently picked up the pup before she could run away and hugged her.

Ovidiu himself says that the puppy was probably abandoned and terrified enough to want to cross a highway with such traffic.

And everything went well when he was able to gain her trust.

A road surveillance camera recorded the images of the incident which are very touching.

The vet can find an adoptive family for the adorable pup.

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