After adopting two boys and two girls the woman who could not have babies got pregnant twice giving birth to 5 children.

Spouses Jacob and Maxine Young had a sacred desire. They dreamed of a large family. Unfortunately, Maxine was unable to get pregnant for a few years.

So the couple decided to adopt children. They went to an orphanage and picked out three cute four-, two-, and one-year-old boys and adopted all three of them.

Within a year, the Youngs learned that yet another child, their sons’ newborn sister, had been taken to the orphanage. The spouses brought her back too.

Jacob and Maxine were happy as their dream came true and they were parents to four adorable children.

But the couple decided to try for a child of their own and they went to a clinic for IVF, in vitro fertilization.

After some hardship, Maxine gave birth to a boy who was named Henry. The parents were happier than ever.

But after a short time, the woman realized that she was pregnant again, but this time it was a natural pregnancy.

When the happy mom had an ultrasound, something unexpected and miraculous turned out.

It was a multiple pregnancy without any IVF. In her womb, Maxine was carrying quadruplets, two boys and two girls.

Lo and behold, they have a big family and they are happy with their nine children, six boys and three girls. They have real treasures.

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