A monumental sculpture 10 meters high opens its chest to reveal a tunnel covered in filicophytes

Daniel Popper’s gigantic wood and concrete sculptures have become world famous.

They are created on the occasion of renowned music festivals and are installed in different corners of the world.

His work is based on Cap and his art is called interactive, since his installations embrace the audience and allow them to become part of their existence.

The monumental and spectacular works of the famous sculptor are a mixture of sculpture and scenography.

One of Daniel Popper’s latest works, called Thrive, which translates to flourish, is a monumental and magical creation that is constructed in concrete using glass and fiber structures.

She is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, near the Society Las Olas residential building. It features a young woman who has opened her chest like a fairy tale character.

The monument is almost 10 meters high and weighs almost 14 tons.

Admirers can cross his giant chest which is adorned with ferns, a species of plant also called filicophytes.

The incredibly beautiful and sublime appearance of this monumental sculpture is fantastic and very eye-catching.

Her chest opening delicately, showing her fabulous interior.

Another monumental Popper figure called Modem Swamp, was built in 2019 for a festival in Croatia.

To illuminate this installation, the architect had to collaborate with projection mapping.

Popper announces that he will still build great works like Thrive and Modem Swamp.

“I think people will continue to interact with Thrive and feel the sweet, tender emotions coming from him,” Popper told My Modern Met.

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