Woman discovers kitten she rescued is a cougar after vet visit

A woman in Argentina thought she had just rescued a hopeless domestic kitten, only to find out the little animal was a puma jaguarundi. The woman made the puzzling discovery a few months after saving the ‘kitten’, when she took him to the vet. The puma was eventually taken to a nature reserve.

Florencia Lobo and her brother were walking in the province of Tucuman in the South American country, when they came across two kittens who needed help. They were on the side of a country road, next to a lifeless cat, which Florencia assumed was their mother. The woman saved the two kittens!

“We thought it was an abandoned cat,” the woman told Reuters. However, despite her efforts, one of the kittens did not survive as it was too weak, but the other fully recovered and began to thrive under Florencia’s care.

Two months after the rescue, the woman decided to take Tito – as she named the surviving kitten – to the vet for a routine check. It was then that Florencia was surprised to learn that Tito was not a domestic kitten, but a wild cat. She discovered that she had actually saved a mountain lion. “The vet didn’t know what it was but said it wasn’t a normal cat,” the woman said.

Tito was then taken to Horco Molle, a nature reserve, where they confirmed the kitten was actually a jaguarundi – a wild cat native to South America. The feline remained at the nature reserve.

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