This is what ‘Slave Isaura’ star Lucelia Santos looks like

Here is Lucelia Santos, the star of “Slave Isaura” and her current appearance

Believe it or not, over the past 45 years, the majority of families have traditionally gathered with excitement for the release of new episodes of the popular Slave Isaura series. A huge number of people are wondering what the legendary actress currently looks like and whether she has been successful in her private life.

It should be noted that Santos is already 65, which is just amazing. It seems like just yesterday that we were watching the series admiring the young and charming actress.

This talented woman is still well known in her native country, Brazil, as she stopped acting in movies.

She also tried to work as a director and she already has her own two documentary films. Her fans have always supported their beloved artist in every way.

The popular actress has an heir Pedro who is a successful actor. Santos leads a healthy life remaining the same charismatic and energetic woman.

She admits herself that she desires to take all that is possible from life.

Have you seen his films?

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