The childless couple wanted to adopt triplets, and now they have six children!

Sarah and Andy met at the University, a friendship was formed between them, which later turned into a romantic relationship. They got married and dreamed of children. But the young family expected difficulties — Sarah could not get pregnant.

In the hospital they were somewhat reassured, the doctors told the girl that she could only have children through IVF, but unfortunately the probability is very small. As it is an expensive procedure, the Justices decided not to take any chances and went for the adoption.

They found a pregnant woman who immediately after giving birth was ready to give the baby to the orphanage, Sarah and Andy agreed that they would immediately adopt this baby.

But it turned out that the couple was expecting a surprise — the girl gave birth to a triplet. Apparently, she was afraid that young people would abandon the children, so she did not warn about multiple pregnancies.

But the Justices weren’t scared at all, they were encouraged, because they now have three children at once – it’s a real gift!

While the couple was busy with triplets, God sent them new happiness — it turned out that, contrary to all doctors’ predictions, Sarah got pregnant!

Soon, Twins—a boy and a girl—appeared.

“It’s incredible! A year ago, we could only dream of having children, and now we already have five!” Sarah cannot hide her joy.

Now five children are growing up in the family. Of course, it’s not easy, there were a lot of worries, and Sarah and Andy forgot what a full-fledged dream is, but despite everything, they are happy, because they have a big, strong family. in which we hear the sonorous laughter of children.

But that’s not all, a year later the couple was waiting for a new Blessing — Sarah “sterile” became pregnant again and a boy appeared.

This story is another confirmation that miracles still happen!

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